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Disney Wants you to Plunk Down $30 for Minnie Mouse Concha Ears Made in China

I don’t know about you, but when I think of Disney, I think of a ton of things before thinking Mexican sweet bread. But the house of Mickey Mouse is proudly peddling the $30 Minnie Mouse Concha Ears, which can … Continue reading

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‘Beauty and the Beast’ Mariachi Version, Because Why Not?

It was bound to happen. A mariachi version remake of the famous ballroom scene in Beauty and the Beast quickly became a viral hit, because apparently there is nothing Hispanics love more than seeing their favorite mainstream characters recreated á la mexicana. The … Continue reading

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Mexicans in this Disney-Pixar Trailer Sound a lot like Spaniards

With much fanfare, Disney-Pixar on Wednesday released the first teaser trailer of Coco, an upcoming animated film about “a 12-year-old aspiring Mexican musician, who embarks on a magical trip in the Land of the Dead.” While many of the voices in the English-language … Continue reading

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Disney’s First Latina Princess is Dark-skinned, Has an ‘Abuela’

Quite frankly, it’s getting increasingly hard for this blogger to keep up with all the nonsense, but here goes. Today, while I was minding my own business, trying to figure out what mariachis have to do with boring conference calls and Harvard, … Continue reading

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Disney Wants Quinceañeras to Display ‘Grace and Poise’ While Wearing This Thing

Disney, the company that thinks Latino families dance cumbia while at an amusement park, this week unveiled the Disney Royal Ball collection, “the first ever line of Quinceañera gowns inspired by the inner qualities, personalities and stories of the Disney Princess characters.” … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Disney’s Princess Sofía is not Latina; Just a Regular non-Latina Fake Princess

Ay, caramba! I just got word from Alex Nogales over at the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) and this is what he had to say about the whole Disney Latin Princess Non-News News: “Yesterday we met with Nancy Kanter, Senior … Continue reading

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Why I Will Never Identify with Disney’s ‘Latina’ Princess

I was totally going to pass on the whole “Disney has a Latino princess” “news.” But then I saw the “outrage” coming out from Latino-defense groups, including the Latino Coalition of Latino Groups that Defend Latino Things and Get Totally Pissed … Continue reading

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Disney Thinks Latinos Like to Dance Cumbia While in Disney

Last time I checked, Latino families and their multiple mocosos loved to go to the Magic Kingdom of Disney to sing, dance and ride along with their non-Hispanic counterparts. But as a gesture to its growing Hispanic clientele, Disney Latino … Continue reading

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