Spaniards, Too, Can Look Ethnic This Halloween

Well, turns out it’s not only Americans who like to go a litle ethnic when it comes to celebrate Halloween.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain-based Turbo Hobby is promoting a new line of “ethnic” costumes, which include the “Disfraz de mexicano” (Mexican costume) featuring a pink, flowery poncho and some kind of Andaluz-looking hat that I didn’t know was Mexican.

Turbo Hobby’s Disfraz de mexicano comes in adult and child sizes and can be yours for only 14.95 euros.

Chances are you won’t look as cute as the guy in the picture here, but it is very likely that some members of your same gender will express their desire to sneak under your poncho…

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

4 thoughts on “Spaniards, Too, Can Look Ethnic This Halloween

  1. Ah por diox que nacos son los madrileños, yo vivo acá desde hace años y os puedo asegurar que en halloween igual que en carnavales la gente se viste de una manera sorprendente!

  2. Hahaha Es lo mismo! Los mallorquines igual que el resto de los españoles les encanta su vestuario raro! Jeje Tengo varios comentaristas / amigos mallorquines y doy fe! 😀

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