Barbie Día de Muertos Is Back – and She’s not Alone

Back in 2019, and just in time for Día de Muertos (or what Americans dare call “Mexican Halloween”) Mattel came up with a signature Barbie Día de Muertos which – according to a very long press release – featured a “long, embroidered dress decorated with flowers and butterflies [and] a crown with the iconic monarch butterflies and the cempasúchitl flower to honor, in every way, the symbols and offerings of this emblematic Mexican tradition.”

Today, as if the COVID-19 pandemic hadn’t brought so many calamities to the world, she is back, and she’s not alone: Mattel’s Second Edition Barbie Día de Muertos comes with a catrina-faced Ken Doll Día de Muertos, featuring a “charro look” and a “calavera sugar skull bolero tie and sombrero with a golden band.”

(Oh did I mention they’re like $80 each?)

And I thought Barbie Frida Kahlo was pathetic.

Hat tip: Gonzalo Jimenez

Non-Mexican People In Kentucky Apologize for Dressing up as Mexican People

How else are you going to have fun in Louisville, Kentucky? Give these people a break

Poor James Ramsey.

The President of the University of Louisville was having a lot of fun wearing a sombrero and shaking a pair of maracas, but then he was scolded for his “cultural insensitivity” and was forced to apologize to a bunch of Hispanics.

According to The Associated Press:

The University of Louisville apologized to the school’s entire Hispanic community Thursday after a photo surfaced showing President James Ramsey among a group of staffers at a Halloween party dressed in matching stereotypical Mexican costumes.

I will never understand why these people should apologize to anybody or why Hispanics (and other non-Mexicans) should be appalled and/or offended over these incidents.

Personally, I feel terrible for these fellows. I mean, how else are you going to have fun when you live in Kentucky?

Give them a break!

Hat tip: Begoña Lozano

You, Guys! ‘Ethnic Halloween’ Season is Here!

Not sure how this qualifies as a 'costume,' but whatev...
Not sure how this qualifies as a ‘costume,’ but whatev…

Somehow the people over at Spirit Halloween think that wearing the Mexican flag or wrapping it around your body is a good Halloween costume idea.

They are wrong.

In fact, you should know that famous Mexican people do that on a regular basis, even if it annoys the hell out of our president and — more importantly — our Director of Democratic Culture and Civic Promotion.

So now you know. Why wait for Halloween when you can be like our celebs and just wrap yourself in the Mexican flag just because?

Blogger’s Note: For other wonderful examples of “ethnic-relevant costumes,” click here, here or here.

Ready for Halloween? El Chapo Full Costume is Here. And it’s Awesome

¡Llévelo! ¡Llévelo!
¡Llévelo! ¡Llévelo!

My people have done it my friends.

Not content with giving the world the spectacular Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump piñatas, Mexicans are now jumping on the Halloween bandwagon with the all-inclusive El Chapo full costume, which comes complete with a latex mask and a traditional white-and-black striped prison uniform that reads — what else? — #NoEraPenalDeMaximaSeguridad.

El Chapo’s costume is available on sites, including Mercado Libre, retailing for about $25*

*Tunnel and bird NOT included

Via: Fusion

Spaniards, Too, Can Look Ethnic This Halloween

Well, turns out it’s not only Americans who like to go a litle ethnic when it comes to celebrate Halloween.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain-based Turbo Hobby is promoting a new line of “ethnic” costumes, which include the “Disfraz de mexicano” (Mexican costume) featuring a pink, flowery poncho and some kind of Andaluz-looking hat that I didn’t know was Mexican.

Turbo Hobby’s Disfraz de mexicano comes in adult and child sizes and can be yours for only 14.95 euros.

Chances are you won’t look as cute as the guy in the picture here, but it is very likely that some members of your same gender will express their desire to sneak under your poncho…

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Mexican Brewery Celebrates ‘Day of the Dead’ with a Typo


I think it’s great that Cervecería Mexicana has decided to celebrate Day of the Dead (and not Halloween) with a special DOA IPA sold exclusively in the United States. But if they were going to give gringos a lesson about how to properly celebrate the scariest day of the year, they might as well have taught them -also- the importance of placing accents.

As everybody knows, we (i.e. The Mexicans) celebrate “día” de los muertos; not “dia.” At least when it comes to Spanish, typos really scare me.