The Top Ten Reasons Why Everyone Should Spend New Year’s Eve in Mexico City

zocaloI first started this list in 2010, and — fortunately for me and a few million other chilangos –— it stands intact.

So, in the most old-fashioned Letterman-style countdown, here are the Top Ten Reasons Why Everybody Should Welcome the New Year in Mexico City.

1. You can ice-skate in the middle of the Zócalo. For free.

2. Mexico City was the first Latin American city to have legalized gay marriage (not that I plan to marry a gal there. Yet.)

3. There are virtually no illegal Mexicans there (we’re all documented…sort of)

4. We think homophobes are just like Hitler

5. You can say “Happy New Year!” a full 2 hours before they do so in California

6. Our churches still know how to protect their sanctity

7. You can swear up to 20 times a day there

8. Chilangos beat the hell out of the English in group smooch

9. We have awesomely named sushi trucks…


and last, but not least:

10. Street taco makers will do anything to protect your health

Got other reasons? Share them with me and see you in 2016.

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

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