5 thoughts on “Oh, Nueva York! How I Love You! 

  1. I hate you. I hate you because I just spent half the night laughing hysterically while reading your blog! Although I read it on occasion, I never seem to stitch enough time together to sit with it and truly enjoy it. But tonight, I have to work overnight and I had prepared to catch up on some email and other items on my to-do-list. No such luck… I took a break several hours ago and pulled up miblogestublog and the rest is history.

  2. Hey, there’s no real “Contact Laura” button on your site, and this comment has nothing to do with the entry, but I figured it was the best way to contact you, with some tidbits for a potential future blurb. Just caught the Stones in la Habana. Two observations, alongside the obvious one that it was a jumpin’ jack flash gas to see them there for free with another one and a quarter million people, and they sounded great: 1) Mick’s Spanish is pretty good — he used the perfect tense a few times, and rolled his Rs a bit….I mean, I know he had just finished a 15 or 20 city Latin America Ole! tour, and was probably coached along the way, but the banter in La Habana was for Cubans, specifically, and he sounded pretty good……not sure if there’s any footage available of their Mexico City gig on Saint Paddy’s Day, but he’s a pretty good example of how not to pander, and how to sorta pronounce; 2) speaking of the Mexico City gig, we met a few dozen Mexicans in La Habana, and another 8 or 10 on the plane back to Cancun, who all said the same thing…..to wit, “it was WAY cheaper to come over to Havana and see them for free then to pay the extortionate $700-$1500 ticket prices in Mexico City!!!”

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