Florida Woman Sues Mexican Restaurant After Falling off a Fake Donkey, Because Florida


What happens when Americans go to a Mexican restaurant in… America? They climb on fake donkey; attempt to take picture; fall off said donkey; file lawsuit.

According to local media, Kimberly Bonn was dining at the El Jalisco restaurant in Tallahassee when she attempted to climb atop a built-to-scale burro statue to pose for a picture. But as she attempted to mount it, Bonn slipped off the statue and broke her back. She is claiming that the restaurant as it fault for the accident due to a lack of safety features, such as a “steps, a ladder, or a non-slip saddle.”

Bonn is now seeking damages of more than $15,000, but it’s not going to be an easy battle.

The restaurant’s most loyal customers have launched a social media campaign in support of the burro: The campaign, under the very appropriate banner ofJust Because I’m an a**, it doesn’t mean I have to be treated like one,” is quickly gaining supporters, including this blogger, of course.

Because, really, how can you not be with El burro on this one?

Via: Periódico ABC

Hat tip: @SaltaSolt

One thought on “Florida Woman Sues Mexican Restaurant After Falling off a Fake Donkey, Because Florida

  1. Doesn’t surprise me. After all, the woman who placed a steaming hot cup of McDonald’s coffee between her legs as she was driving and then burned her “girly” parts sued and won. The burro will probably now be deported to Cancun or something.

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