Palestinian Entrepreneur Finds ‘Neat’ Way to Lure Hispanic Customers to Service Station

Question: How would you lure more Mexican customers to your Memphis-area gas station?

Answer: Offer additional services such as check cashing and money remittances to Mexico… and then use the Pemex brand -and logo- to give the business a truly local feel.

That is exactly what Haitham Alyousef, a Palestinian immigrant in Memphis, did when he incorporated Pemex Inc., a service station offering everything, from long distance calls to money remittances and “Hispanic foods.” According to the local press:

“Alyousef and his business partners enjoy reminders of home, and believe Mexican immigrants feel the same way.”

Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) is said to be considering a lawsuit, but they should just relax. Asked by a local reporter about why he stole the Pemex logo, image and name, Alyousef simply replied:

“I thought it was kind of neat.”

4 thoughts on “Palestinian Entrepreneur Finds ‘Neat’ Way to Lure Hispanic Customers to Service Station

  1. I am a Mexican living abroad and although I enjoy reminders of “home” I do not -and will not- enjoy the sight of a Pemex station!

  2. I’m a Chicano that spends a lot of time in Mexico and always look forward to pulling into a Pemex station.
    The gas is cheaper, the premises cleaner, somebody washes your window, and if I could get some good Mexican food at a Pemex in Memphis that would make my day.
    Smart man Mr. Alyousef

  3. Certainly brings a completely different dimension to multi-culturalism. Yep, the guy stole a brand, its copyright and everything else… but you’ve got to admit he was amazingly on target with the brand he stole!

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