What’s His Face Likes Latinos, Leaves ‘Little’ Tips and Such

What's His Face wants to be President of the U.S.
What’s His Face want’s to be U.S. President

I never thought I had to pay attention to the campaign of What’s His Face. But then he had to say something about my people (i.e. the Hispanics or — like Emilio Estefan would have you believe, ALL THE MEXICANS).

And what did he say, exactly? Well, according to the Los Angeles Times, in the words of What’s His Face himself:

“A lot of them do jobs that they’re willing to do and, uh, that’s why in the hotel you leave a little tip.”

I would have been happier if he said he leaves my people medium — or large — tips, but that’s OK. What he doesn’t know is that this Mexican has a HUGE TIP for him:

Keep Calm And Your Mouth Shut.

You are welcome

Jeb Celebrates Hispanic Heritage with Spanish-Language Ad Featuring ‘Abuelas’, Anchor Babies

Hispanic Heritage Month campaign ad features -- what else?-- an abuela.
Jeb Bush’ Hispanic Heritage Month campaign ad features — what else?– an abuela.

While a bunch of prominent Latinos are getting ready to sing about their Mexicanness — in English — a prominent self-appointed Latino, Jeb Bush, is affirming his Americanness with a one-minute campaign advertisement in an almost spotless Spanish.

In a brand new spot — released just in time for Hispandering Heritage Month — Spanish-speaking Jeb! says “we” (apparently meaning Americans and Mexicans) all have the same interests and share the same feelings, and he also takes the opportunity to share some pretty pics of his anchor Mexican-American children.

Todos somos americanos also features a rare appearance from his wife of 41 years, Columba, not Columbia, nor Colombia, who is from Mexico.