Hillary Clinton Does ‘El Gordo y la Flaca,’ Because You Gotta do What you Gotta Do


Hillary Clinton made Hispanic History (i.e. Hispandering) on Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016 by showing up at Univision’s long-running El Gordo y la Flaca; declaring Mexican food is her favorite and even getting up to dance salsa with the crew.

Alas, she did not take her clothes off to join The Fat One in his famous jacuzzi. Now THAT would have been entertaining…

Now I’m dead.

DEVELOPING: This blog post will be updated as soon as this recovers from shock (which will likely occur until after Happy Hour)

Via: Univision.com

Jeb Bush Wants you to Support His Campaign by Buying a $75 ‘Guaca Bowle’

Because 'Jeb and Columba love whipping up guacamole on Sunday Funday.'
Because ‘Jeb and Columba love whipping up guacamole on Sunday Funday.’

With the hilarious 2016 U.S. presidential campaign around the corner, candidates are going the extra mile to raise the much needed cash to be able to compete against the dumb-but-filthy-rich-candidate-type-people.

Take Newly Converted Hispanic Jeb Bush, who is asking you to pitch in $75 for the Guaca Bowle, a presumably-Made-in-China plasticky looking molcajete that I can find in Mexico City for, like, a fifth of the price.

But why a molcajete, may you ask? Well, because Jeb and wife Columba (not Columbia, nor Colombia) simply “Love whipping up guacamole on Sunday Funday.”

Ay, caramba!

Can someone please start working on a Guaca-Bowl piñata?

‘Hispanic Democrats for Trump’ Launches Ad Campaign


Luckily for this blogger, the world has become a much more entertaining place since famous, rich person Donald Trump (aka El Trompo) decided to declare war on my people (i.e. The Mexicans).

Thanks to Mr. Trump, this blog has seen the Trump Piñata, the Trump Corrido and — of course — the Latino car dealership awesome commercial.

So, I couldn’t be happy to introduce you to Hispanic Democrats for Donald Trump, a group that really — really — wants El Trompo to become the GOP candidate in 2016.

I mean… who wouldn’t?

Via: Advertising Age

Hispanic Jeb Bush Is the Best Thing on Twitter Right Now

Unless you live under a rock, in a detention center in Guantánamo or in a place without access to Twitter (very unlikely), you would have heard by now that Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush once identified himself as Hispanic in a voter registration application.

50804272According to a Miami-Dade County document published Monday by The New York Times, Bush listed his race/ethnicity as “Hispanic,” in a 2009 voter-registration application, a fact that quickly spread over social media, giving way to some hilarious tweets, starting with Hispanic Jeb Bush himself.

The incident quickly gave way to the creation of the YebBush Twitter account, which promptly began interacting with this blogger.

I say we should cut this guy some slack. He speaks fluent Spanish. His wife, Columba (NOT Columbia) Bush, was born in Mexico and for two years in his 20s, he lived in Venezuela… Besides, his Spanish is WAY better than that of many “Hispanics” I know. I promise.