This Latino Car Dealership in California Wants you to Buy a Nissan, Bash Donald Trump

Tómala, Tómala....
Tómala, Tómala….

The world’s awesomest car dealership has produced the world’s awesomest commercial, in which we see the dealership’s general manager bashing a Donald Trump piñata, after which he declares:

Aquí en Van Nuys Nissan, los latinos mandan.” (“Here at Van Nuys Nissan, Latinos rule.”)

This blogger thinks this commercial should win a Lion at Cannes or something. Alas, the corporate suits over at Nissan Motor Co. have decided to distance the company from the ad, because… corporations.

So, boooooo, Nissan. Don’t be surprised if the next piñata my people come up with is one of your own Carlos Ghosn.

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