‘Hispanic Democrats for Trump’ Launches Ad Campaign


Luckily for this blogger, the world has become a much more entertaining place since famous, rich person Donald Trump (aka El Trompo) decided to declare war on my people (i.e. The Mexicans).

Thanks to Mr. Trump, this blog has seen the Trump Piñata, the Trump Corrido and — of course — the Latino car dealership awesome commercial.

So, I couldn’t be happy to introduce you to Hispanic Democrats for Donald Trump, a group that really — really — wants El Trompo to become the GOP candidate in 2016.

I mean… who wouldn’t?

Via: Advertising Age

4 thoughts on “‘Hispanic Democrats for Trump’ Launches Ad Campaign

  1. IF you are mexican then you should stay or move to Mexico. Those are you people so stay there and help your own country. Get out of the USA. I am hispanic and you sure as hell dont represent me or A LOT of my people here in the USA. ALL you want is “give me give me give me”. You’re so damn proud to call yourself mexican then stay in Mexico. You traitor!

  2. Most You Latinos & Hispanic No Educated In Politic & Especially History No Weary About TRUMP You All Idiot Should More Weary Those Weak Corrupt Fuckers In Hispanic & Latino Community Call Them Self Leadershit & Other Fucker My Jose Lopez Proud Give My Hispanic & Democratic Vote 2016 For Trump For President. Unite State Of America Another Thing Proud Have SPANISH & Conquistador In Heritage

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