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Arizona, The Land of Wonder… I Wonder How Long I Could Go Without Being Arrested

According to the state’s official tourism visitor guide, Arizona is a Land of Wonder; a place where you can plan a “Grand” vacation filled with fun activities including hiking, biking, rafting and even mule-riding. What I find most fascinating, though, … Continue reading

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Arizona’s SB1070 is So Bad, Even Tancredo Worries

Yes, my friends. Former Congressman and Presidential candidate Tom Tancredo this week blasted the Arizona immigration bill, saying it might have gone too far. He even expressed concern that people would be “pulled over because [you] look like should be … Continue reading

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Are You a Latino Travelling to Arizona? Don’t Forget to Fake a Foreign Accent Syndrome

If you belong to the ‘brown’ race and plan to travel to Arizona in the near future, make sure to fake a Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS) a rare, but not uncommon condition that will make you sound as if you … Continue reading

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