Penélope Cruz to Peddle non-Alcoholic Beer — for Women, you Know?

Oh, how I miss the days when Penélope Cruz drank Coke and belched like the guys.

Alas, in this modern, politically-correct times we live, the gorgeous-but-married-mother-of -small-children wants us to drink… non-alcoholic beer, because she’s a lady, you know? and beer is, like, for the dudes.

The following is an ad apparently airing now on Polish television, though several reports say Karmi, the beer for ladies, is making its way to Spain — and beyond.

What a great time to be alive…. NOT.

Via: El Español

3 thoughts on “Penélope Cruz to Peddle non-Alcoholic Beer — for Women, you Know?

  1. I’m from Poland. I’m not sure on the timeline of the ads, but the MAIN Karmi ad is one that makes fun of men mocking people for drinking this beer. IIRC the people who were mocked for drinking karmi in the ad were MEN in the first place. It went like this “(Mockingly to the guys) Not too sweet?” Penelope: “(emerging from a hidden spot) Not as sweet as you think.”. This one is just advertising a *new flavour* of Karmi. That’s all it’s doing. Advertising a flavour that hasn’t been advertised before. Meaning that at this point, Penelope was already an ambassador. Meaning there’s a main ad you didn’t see. Literally Karmi is a drink that’s everyone’s guilty pleasure. It’s not a “ladies’ drink” in the sense that it’s non-alcoholic or sweet, it’s because it’s sweet in a bad sense (it tastes awful and that’s a universal point of view of most WOMEN) and 99% of people who buy it are middle class women past 40 who think this drink is somehow classier than more conventional beers. Lech, a more beloved brand of beer, created flavored non-alcoholic beer (Lech Free) and it’s advertised in a family friendly way to all genders as a summer beverage. They also had flavoured alcoholic beer, which i’ve tasted and it WAS pretty sweet (“””””girly”””””), of which i can’t remember the commercials of, but currently, i’ve seen an even split of genders drinking it. Penelope in the main ad is literally being portrayed as a badass and similarly to regular, alcoholic beer commercials. There’s literally so much to criticise poland for, but you pick a literal non issue. Stop fucking cherrypicking when you don’t understand the context.

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