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Not All Latinos Are Created Equal –and Goya Knows it

So much for the bad blood between this blogger (i.e. yours truly) and Hispanic Heritage Month. Goya has launched a new campaign which is actually a fun way to show America what I HAVE BEEN SAYING, like, FOREVER: That not … Continue reading

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Here’s your ‘Cielito Lindo’ Singing Collage via Southwest Airlines

Remember Southwest’s unusual plan to show respect and appreciation for us, the Hispanics? Well, here’s what went down at some point, during the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month in the Hispanic-friendly skies… Enjoy!

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Southwest Crew Will Sing ‘Cielito Lindo’ to Show Respect, Appreciation for U.S. Hispanics

You gotta give it to corporate marketers for their continuing efforts to lure Hispanics to whatever it is they sell. Take Southwest Airlines which is kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month by inviting everyone to come together on September 16th and sing … Continue reading

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It’s Tough Being a Cop in Arizona

One of the few good things about Arizona’s SB1070 (besides opening a world of business opportunities to this blogger) is that it has proven to be very good for the creative minds. On the heels of Zubi Advertising’s Gringo Mask, … Continue reading

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