The Astrologer Formerly Known as Walter Mercado Now Wants You to Call Him Shanti Ananda

I am sure you are too busy these days to take notice of real important news, so allow me to fill you in on a major development.

Starting today, you might want to refer to the famous Puerto Rican astrologer, caped TV personality of dubious gender Walter Mercado as Shanti Ananda. Why? Because while we were snoozing over our boring jobs and ending our pathetic work days in some local pub, Mr. Mercado had a revelation: a mystical voice in his dreams asked him to change his name to Shanti Ananda and help the poor people of Puerto Rico.

Not sure yet if Shanti will continue to entertain us with his fancy apparitions on Spanish-language TV. He (or she?) will be greatly missed.

Source: El Nuevo Día