HBO Ad Gives Spanish-language a Rabbit Punch

How many mistakes can you make in a 48-word print advertising?

The answer is: Plenty. Check out this full-page ad taken from the December issue of People en Español. And pardon the quality of this photo (I still cannot afford a scanner!)


Here are some hints for you: 1. Todo los dias. 2) Empenzado. 3) Octobre. 4) Deciembre 5) Antes de ellos entrar.

You would think that someone who can afford a full-page ad in the country’s largest Spanish-language magazine, would be able spare a few dollars copy-editing this thing. (Pssst: talk to me, You might be able to afford me… and I might be able to finally get a scanner!)

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5 Responses to HBO Ad Gives Spanish-language a Rabbit Punch

  1. Jose says:

    God, you’re such a snob, Laura!

  2. Francisco says:

    Don’t be so tough with them. At least they were able to successfully spell HBO… (and Hoya)

  3. Conchita says:

    Why would require a large company to AT LEAST be responsible and do their homework be considered snobbish?? Or do they think Latinos won’t notice….

  4. BabyJ says:

    To say nothing of acentos.

  5. Roberto says:

    I am spending Christmas and New Years in the United States. Yesterday I picked up a “Hispanic” newspaper only to find out that not one paragraph had less than at least 10 mistakes. That is just sad…

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