Pope Francis’ ‘Telemundo Innovation Award’ Is Brought to you by Best Western Hotels

Vatican PopeRemember Pope Francis winning Telemundo’s first “Innovation Award for “his innovative use of social media?”

Well, the actual award ceremony is finally upon us, and this weekend poor Pope Francis will welcome a contingent of Hispanic executives and “bloggers” at the Vatican for the occasion.

Among the visitors is Manny Ruiz (aka @PapiBlogger,) founder of Hispanicize, an annual gathering of Hispanic bloggers and entertainers that can be more accurately described as an in-your-face-shameless-parade of brands. And as such, the 9-day-Vatican vacation “historic journey” would not be possible without the generous support of sponsors and brands, which promise to be at the center of the whole thing.

According to @PapiBlogger himself:

While in Rome – and Italy in general – we will be generously hosted and accommodated by our official hotel partner Best Western.  Over the course of the next 9 days, we will document this historic journey and all of our adventures, history and travel insights through social media using the hashtags #HispzInRome and #ViajaConBW.

[…] May this trip be as large a blessing to our Latino community as it will be to us that will get to meet Pope Francis.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll spend my weekend praying for Jorge Bergoglio. If you want to join me, feel free to use the hashtag #PrayingForBergoglio.

Pope Francis Wins ‘First-ever Telemundo Innovation Award’ — for some Reason

sombrero Pope Francis

Today in awkward, Hispanic-related news…

Pope Francis is the proud recipient of the first-ever Telemundo Innovation Award, which was conceived by Telemundo to honor an individual innovator “whose work has explored new trends, showcased pioneering spirit and greatly impacted society.”

According to a very long press release, Pope Francis was chosen for his “innovative approach to redefining religion in a social and digital world.” This, I’m sure, has to do with the fact that he just joined Instagram (better late than never) and has, like, six Twitter accounts (who has the time?)

Anyhow, I thought you’d also like to know that this very important award was announced during an equally paramount event: Hispanicize 2016, taking place in — where else? — Miami.

¡Ay dios mío!

Via Broadcasting & Cable


Latina Bloggers Now Come with a Dose of Tabasco Sauce

 The SuperLatina host and her company, AGANARmedia, attended Hispanicize hand in hand with Tabasco.
Per this poster, SuperLatina host has been appointed Official Correspondent of Tabasco sauce — for some reason.

OK, shame on me, but given the fact they will never invite me again, my very busy schedule, this year I was not able to attend Hispanicize, that smoochfest between Mommy Bloggers and their Corporate Sugar Daddys I once had the fortune to witness.

However, thanks to the power of Internet — and online press releases — I was able to follow closely the details of the 2015 edition of Hispanicize, including a very important piece of news: Gaby Natale, the blogger aka SuperLatina was at hand to “spice up” the Latinovator Award event with “a good dose of Tabasco sauce.” Why?

Per the aforementioned press release:

Hispanicize is like the Latino South by Southwest. If it’s happening, Hispanicize is where you’ll find it. That makes it a perfect fit for Tabasco, a very unique company that blends the traditionalism of a 147-year-old company with a cutting-edge sense of branding

I’ll do my best to try to attend next year, if only to see how far “my spicy background” can get me.

I’ll keep y’all posted, but Shhhhh…. Don’t tell anyone!