Brilliant! P&G Will Teach Latinas How to Save Money While Still Buying Pricey Detergent

You might not know this but according to Buenhogar Magazine a very prestigious institution, 31 percent of Hispanics have more expenses than income every month, (perhaps because we just keep buying Buenhogar every month?), which is, like, really bad because it’s hard to balance your checkbook when that happens.

But worry no more: Procter & Gamble’s Tide brand has teamed up with Mexican journalist María Antonieta Collins (pictured) to impart a series of seminars to teach Latinas how to get the most value for our money “by better managing our everyday finances,” [and still plunking down upwards of $7.99 for a heavily-advertised detergent, I suppose.]

“Based on my experience […] I understand firsthand the importance of proper budget management and learning to live within our means, and I am thrilled to be working with Tide to share this knowledge with Hispanic women across the country,” Collins told whoever wrote the press release.

So now you know. Stop whining about those pricey detergents, and be sure to mark down your calendars. Open to the public, the seminars will be taking place starting January through June in several “Hispanic dense” cities including, of course, Miami, New York, Dallas and Los Angeles.