Daryl Cagle Annoys the Hell Out of Mexicans… Even Paulina Rubio Knows Our Flag is Sacred

If Mexicans needed another reason to vent their ire against a gringo (any gringo) they found a good one this week. Provocative political cartoonist Daryl Cagle really managed to piss off hundreds of Mexicans with what many are calling a “desecration of the Mexican flag.”

Shame on you, Mr. Cagle!!!

Didn’t you know Mexicans are so proud of our flag that we use them to wrap up our beloved celebrities? Gee!

Hat tip to my manito, whom I wish never to see wrapped in anything remotely patriotic

Paulina Rubio & Mom Get Milk Moustache. Someone [And This Blogger] Ruins the Surprise

La Chica Dorada (aka Paulina Rubio) and her fabulous mom, Susana Dosamantes, are scheduled to appear on the next Got Milk campaign, out August 3rd.

However, a Paulina Rubio fan site spoiled the surprise for everybody and -of course- this blogger wanted to second the spoil. Here they are. Enjoy them. Or not. Whatever.

Wait… isn’t she supposed to be preggers?