Daryl Cagle Annoys the Hell Out of Mexicans… Even Paulina Rubio Knows Our Flag is Sacred

If Mexicans needed another reason to vent their ire against a gringo (any gringo) they found a good one this week. Provocative political cartoonist Daryl Cagle really managed to piss off hundreds of Mexicans with what many are calling a “desecration of the Mexican flag.”

Shame on you, Mr. Cagle!!!

Didn’t you know Mexicans are so proud of our flag that we use them to wrap up our beloved celebrities? Gee!

Hat tip to my manito, whom I wish never to see wrapped in anything remotely patriotic

7 thoughts on “Daryl Cagle Annoys the Hell Out of Mexicans… Even Paulina Rubio Knows Our Flag is Sacred

  1. Good post, again. And controversial, again!

    Daryl Cagle is a great cartoonist. Some people just take things too seriously. In the US they take their freedom of speech too seriously. In the UK we take out football too seriously. And in Mexico, they take their flag too seriously!

    1. All fine and good regarding freedom and political satire regarding another country’s flag. Daryl Cagle should at least make a stand-beside cartoon of the American flag with 50 dollar signs $$ for Stars and black machine guns superimposed on the White Stripes. The Red Stripes can be left alone representing blood. Let’s see how that cartoon would go over…

      1. This is what gets me. The continual comments about what Daryl Cagle should do with the US flag, and the assumption that he hasn’t/wouldn’t do it, because of some US based backlash which Mexicans assume he would receive. Which he actually wouldn’t.

        Perhaps you were looking for a flag like this?

        Not Cagle’s but part of the Political Cartoon site. Cagle has used the US flag himself a number of times. Here’s one:

        Here’s another:

        And another:

        Cagle routinely uses symbols, flags and other icons to make a point. As do all cartoonists of this type.

        Incidentally, this wasn’t his first cartoon depicting the Mexican flag. Where was the outrage when this got printed?


  2. Sigh..
    This flag affair is truly a “culture clash” or better yet a “clash of civilizations”..
    Mexicans don’t like foreigners toying with their flag..it’s a cultural thing ..you don’t mess with the eagle or the snake or the cactus it’s perched upon..not cool!
    And in many ways the Mexican sense of humor is much different than that of Americans and Europeans.
    ..after all on the TV Mexicans think watching senior citizens running around,acting like,speaking like, and dressed in shorts,shirley temple dresses and childrens outfits is hilarious!!
    Americans love watching cuckoled hubbies,trampy wives,slutty daughters and latent homo sons..they think that’s hilarious!!
    The Brits they love drinking their tea while watching silly comedies which use silly cartoons,naughty drawings and figures and goofy cutouts moving across the screen accompanied by silly asinine voices in the background..they think thats hilarious!
    The French..well what can I say ..(eyes rolling upwards)..they like Jerry Lewis..OMG..

  3. All cliches aside, it is a powerful editorial cartoon that drives home the sad reality of what is happening in Mexico. The drug violence has done more to destroy tourism to Mexico than the swine flu and has the added disadvantage of being hell on the natives too.

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