The Parties and the Fun Behind the 2013 Hispanic TV Upfronts

Myself... and a bunch of blurry people who insisted on taking a picture with me.
Miblogestublog CEO and a bunch of blurry people who insisted on taking a picture with her.

This is exhausting! In addition to covering this week’s Hispanic TV Upfronts for these guys and these guys, I had to save some juicy details for the not-so-serious side of the 3-day-marathon of parties, parties and parties, programming presentations, interviews and business meetings.

* Hispanic TV Upfront week started May 13 with two networks, Azteca America and Estrella TV, holding “intimate dinners” at the exact same time in two very distant places, presumably to keep me from attending either. But, as you all know by now, I’m a sneaky Mexican and managed to attend both.

* Estrella TV brought to dinner at Tao Restaurant its most recent acquisition, Myrka Dellanos, who looked amazing and who is now going to be news anchoring instead of selling toothpaste.


* As it has been the case before, I crashed the People en Español party at Marquee, which was OK, but not nearly as as glamorous and/or fun as previous years. However, beggars can’t be chosers, so I shut up now. Besides, I must continue to be nice to them, especially to Elvis Lizardo, who famously calls me “The Mexican glue that keep us all together.”

Marlon Moreno and Hernán Lopez
Marlon Moreno and Hernán Lopez, uno más guapo que el otro

* After surveilling the venue for some famous bellos, I realized celebrities are not the only beautiful bunch, so I proceded to propose People en Español Editor ArmandoCorrea a co-production of “Los 50 ejecutivos más bellos del mercado latino,” a list that would be curated by @miblogestublog -of course, and published and promoted by Time Inc. or someone with that kind of money. I’m thinking MundoFox’ Hernán López should go on the cover, while Telemundo’s Peter Blacker will take the back cover, though I’m still not sure. Other execs being considered: Mundo Fox’ Oswald Mendez, Telemundo’s Emilio Romano and Fusion’s Miguel Ferrer. [This blog is accepting submissions now.]

nametag* Tuesday events kicked off at 11:00 am at The New Amsterdam Theatre, where Univision held a lavish presentation for over 1,600 guests.

* Pretty much all those 1,600 guests then walked or took buses to Univision’s after party, which took place at ESPACE, where there was not a lot of “espace” nor food to feed all those hungry mouths. At some point, many attendees grew restless and angry as waiter after waiter kept passing in front of us with trays full of food, but destined to “VIP’s only.” That didn’t stop me, however, so I quickly managed to get a hold of a VERY VIP name tag (above) in order to secure some mini-burgers.

* The stunt didn’t work and I had to settle for a peanut butter cookie that surely contained about 5,325 calories.

* Since it secured me no food whatsoever, my Randy Falco name tag made a second appearance later that night at the Telemundo upfront in Lincoln Center, where it was not as well received as I had imagined. I still wore it to go say ‘hi’ to NBCU’s Chairman of Hispanic Ventures Joe Uva, who requested my immediate removal from the premises. [I stayed.]

 * The marathon continued Wednesday with a noon presentation by Fox Hispanic Media at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center. The presentation included FHM’s four networks: Fox Deportes, Fox Life, Nat Geo Mundo and Mundo Fox. It attracted some big talent, including Bárbara Mori, Marlon Moreno, Mario Lopez and Oscar de la Hoya, who came onstage not wearing fishnet stockings but a pair of cowboy boots.


* After a presentation that seemed to last hours, most of us headed East towards Vme’s upfront at the Instituto Cervantes. Under new management, Vme hosted a small, intimate, sit-down presentation in a dark basement with no cellular signal whatsoever, making it the perfect setting for a much needed afternoon nap. (I caught several executives and members of the media happily snoring away, but I decided not to publish their names, mostly because it wouldn’t be fair and because I was also fast asleep.)

The Elevator's Daniel Salcedo and me, before my Vme nap
The Elevator’s Daniel Salcedo and me, before my Vme nap

* The marathon ended Wednesday night with a much-needed, circus-themed party hosted by Viacom’s Tr3s and headlined by Daddy Yankee, who made even the most stiff media executive shake his/her hips. EXTRA BONUS POINT for Tr3s, which spared us the power points and the data on Hispanic TV audience growth, etc. etc. etc.

This is Daddy Yankee in a very bad photo taken by @bathtubmedia
This is Daddy Yankee in a very bad photo taken by @bathtubmedia

Yet, my favorite moment this week came at the Tr3s party when I was able to capture the following shot, featuring the great Eduardo Caballero, the father, grandfather, godfather of Hispanic media, and Ari Madrid, probably the craziest -and smartest- millennial I’ve ever met and one of the youngest entrants to this business.

Caballero changed the media world once. Ari will change it forever.

Media revolucionarios
Media revolucionarios. Eduardo Caballero & Ariadna Madrid

‘People en Español’ Ready to Unveil HEAT. Meanwhile, I’ll Keep Working on my MEAT

Yeah, I wear a Mariachi hat every time I cook, which is like never

You might not know this, but last week, People en Español released its annual Hispanic Opinion Tracker (HOT) Study, which revealed some insights on “the changing role of Latina women in the U.S.”

This blogger attended such an important event (and ensuing cocktail, of course) to personally attest to the growing power of Latinos and Latinas everywhere -even at the Time Life Building, where most of the security and catering were done by our people… But I digress: In addition to presenting the study’s findings, People en Español also announced the upcoming launch of HEAT (Hispanic Ethnicity Attachment Tracker) which the magazine hopes will “help measure the effectiveness of a brand in reaching their demographic, based on Latinas’ attachments -or non-attachments- to their ‘Hispanic Ethnicity.'”

This is, like, cool, I think… Alas, I’m very busy these days trying to figure out my MEAT (or Mexican Ethnicity Attachment Tracker) to really get serious about my HEAT.

But don’t you people worry! I’ll be working on it and keep you posted.

I Might Not Be Beautiful, But I Crashed People en Español’s Bellos Party

You might have guessed this, but yesterday was not a good day for this blogger. It was the morning after People en Español’s Bellos Party, an annual ritual for me and 50 other beautiful Hispanics.

This year, the party took place at Guastavino’s and -unlike previous years- it was much, much smaller, and the room looked kind of empty at times. Also missing was some form of entertainment, which last year was delivered by the awesome Cucu Diamantes and her troop.

Still, some celebrities were lucky enough to get themselves photographed with this blogger, something that -I can assure you- will do plenty to boost their careers.

Some highlights:

Sofía Vergara trashed everyone’s high hopes simply by not showing up…

Lili Estefan “limped” the purple carpet…

Sammy Sosa still looks like he will not be detained in Arizona any time soon…

Univision’s news anchor María Elena Salinas reminded this blogger -again- that no matter how smart you are, you can still look very hot…

Saúl Lisazo reminded this blogger that, no matter how old you are, you can still be one hot papacito

With the one and only: Sammy Sosa

‘People en Español’ to Unveil 50 Most Beautiful Latinos [Hint: I’m Not One of Them]

One more year has gone by and this blogger’s dreams have been shattered… again. Not content with not picking me among its 15 Most Influential Latinos, People en Español this year forgot to send me my application for this year’s Los 50 Más Bellos special edition.

The list is expected to be unveiled Monday night (April 26) during El Show de Cristina, giving Univision viewers “an exclusive peek at this year’s coveted issue, revealing the list of celebrities, as well as the cover, before the magazine hits the stands on April 30th.”

So there you have it. I’m now almost certain I didn’t make to the the list, but that’s OK, as long as they keep me on board as the un-official chronicler of the Bellos party.

Otherwise, I’m just going to have to keep hoping. As my abuela used to say: “La esperanza muere al último”.

People en Español’s ‘Bellos’ Party Treated Guests to an Awesome Almodóvar Moment


As you might imagine, this blogger is not well this morning. Too much partying reporting last night at People en Español‘s Bellos party, something that has become sort of an annual ritual -for me and 50 other beautiful people.

Unlike previous years, the party last night at Manhattan’s Edison Ballroom was much smaller (just like the economy.) But less was certainly more, as People editors regaled us mortals with an awesome musical number featuring Cucu Diamantes and a troop that included a female contortionist clown and an awesome pint-size guitarist. (Thank you, People en Español, for sparing us the reggaetón)

Photos: Laura Martínez