‘People en Español’ Ready to Unveil HEAT. Meanwhile, I’ll Keep Working on my MEAT

Yeah, I wear a Mariachi hat every time I cook, which is like never

You might not know this, but last week, People en Español released its annual Hispanic Opinion Tracker (HOT) Study, which revealed some insights on “the changing role of Latina women in the U.S.”

This blogger attended such an important event (and ensuing cocktail, of course) to personally attest to the growing power of Latinos and Latinas everywhere -even at the Time Life Building, where most of the security and catering were done by our people… But I digress: In addition to presenting the study’s findings, People en Español also announced the upcoming launch of HEAT (Hispanic Ethnicity Attachment Tracker) which the magazine hopes will “help measure the effectiveness of a brand in reaching their demographic, based on Latinas’ attachments -or non-attachments- to their ‘Hispanic Ethnicity.'”

This is, like, cool, I think… Alas, I’m very busy these days trying to figure out my MEAT (or Mexican Ethnicity Attachment Tracker) to really get serious about my HEAT.

But don’t you people worry! I’ll be working on it and keep you posted.

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