Spanish 101 for English-Speaking People

Americans: How can anyone not like them?

Challenged by some very unorthodox methods to teach English to Latinos (such as this one and this other one) Mexicans have come up with yet the most creative way to teach Spanish to English speaking people (i.e. mostly gringos.)

All you have to do is read the following sentences as if you were reading English.

Check it out. It’s easy, it’s revolutionary and… It’s FREE!

1. Boy As-N-R (Voy a cenar): I’m going to have dinner

2. N-L-C John (En el sillón): On the armchair

3. Be a Hope and Son (Viejo panzón): Fat old man

4. As Say Toon As (Aceitunas): Olives

5. The Head The Star Mall Less Stan Doe (Deje de estar molestando): Stop bugging me

6. Kit At Tell Loss War at Chess (Quítate los huaraches): Take off your sandals

7. Pass a Lass All Saw (Pasa la salsa): Pass the sauce

8. Be Goat Tess The Ran Chair-O (Bigotes de ranchero): Farmer’s mustache

9. Web Us Come Ham On (Huevos con jamón)

10. Does Stack Kit Toes The Car Neat As (Dos taquitos de carnitas): Two pork little tacos

10 thoughts on “Spanish 101 for English-Speaking People

  1. Now, that just encourages bad accents. They should at least try, though that doesn’t always work. I was talking to a very respected rock critic the other day, and we got on the topic of rock en español. He mentioned Aterciopelados, but it didn’t sound like Aterciopelados at all when he said it. It kinda killed the conversation.

  2. felicidades!! es de lo mas gracioso que he leido en la semana, buenisimo!! sobre todo lo de viejo panzon y bigote de ranchero, que ingenio caray! saludos!

  3. I’m a long time Spanish speaking gringo. I liked them all, but am not sure how “the” is made to sound like “de”? Of course, out here in Wyoming “the” is pronounced “thuh”, so maybe that accounts for it. . . . Perhaps less of a western American accent and more of an east coast version would do the trick?

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