P&G Beefs Up Hispanic Marketing, Makes Up Words

You might have read it all over the place: Procter & Gamble Co. this month said it will focus all its marketing efforts surrounding its Gain dishwashing liquid on the growing Latino market.

And why not? Latinos are, like, hugely important. Not only we are the changing face of America, but as Kirk Perry, P&G vice president for North America, puts it: “We think there’s a huge upside to that market.”

There is so much enthusiasm around this plan, that the company has even started to make up “Spanish” words, such as “desigñadora” de aroma para el “logar.”

[At least they made sure to include an “ñ”]

Way to go, Gain!

Good Lord! Procter & Gamble Preps ‘Pedro & María,’ a Hispanic Version of ‘Romeo & Juliet’

And just when you thought Hispanic television couldn’t get any more entertaining [read it with irony, please] former NBC exec Ben Silverman is ready to give us a new telenovela (both in English and Spanish) to be called Pedro & María, and billed as “modern-day version of Romeo & Juliet.”

The show will be brought to you by Procter & Gamble (which the press continues to call “Proctor & Gamble“) and “will give its audience the ability to vote on the direction the characters and story lines take.”

So, without further ado, here’s my vote: Have Pedro and María take a swig of poison during the first episode and spare us the whole thing. Will you?

As for “Hispanic” adaptations of Romeo & Juliet, this blogger will stick to her favorite one, the one and only, brought to you by Mario Moreno Reyes himself.