Mexican Restaurant Makes Dinosaur-Shaped Quesadillas, and They’re Adorbs

Cheesy triceratops, anyone?

Thank you, @natyvaro1, for your TikTok highlighting a restaurant in Coahuila, Mexico that specializes in Dinosaur-shaped quesadillas. These beauties are shaped like adorable little dinosaurs and (yes, you guessed it) some of them even have cheese inside! (pardon the private joke.)

Founded by Abraham Padilla, Dino Quesadillas features cheesy Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex and other prehistoric creatures of your preference.

Oh, and they’re only like $5.03 USD for an order of three.

@natyvaro1 Las dinoquesadillas son vida #dinoquesadillas #méxicocheck #foodlover #méxico🇲🇽❤️ ♬ El Dinero No Es La Vida – Ximena Sariñana & Rubén Blades

Americans Think we are Nostalgic for… Electric Quesadillas

Plus: What’s with that sad avocado on the side?

Ever felt nostalgic about your abuela’s electric quesadillas? ….

Well, not me, but if you are among those weird, improbable, nostalgic Hispanics who grew up eating flour-tortilla quesadillas made on an electric contraption, the folks of Nostalgia Electrics have you covered.

Introducing the Nostalgia Electric Quesadilla Fiesta Maker, a “unique hot plate designed to create 6 sectional pieces that seal in the flavorful ingredients.” Heck, it even features a two-position latch that allows for thin *or* thick quesadillas!

This thing is “only” $19.99 in BestBuy (sad avocado and chili pepper NOT included) and YES, it says Fiesta somewhere in there.

Fiesta, but of course!

Hat tip: Monica Pieces

Make-Believe ‘Latin’ Food Can -and Will- Kill You

quesadillaburgersYou can only thank the Center for Science in the Public Interest for its latest advisory against certain “meals” that will most likely kill you or, at least, leave your arteries as congested as the Periférico on a rainy Friday afternoon (or pretty much at any time, any day, rain or shine…)

Among the center’s worst of the worst dishes included in its 2009 Xtreme Eating Award you will find:

  • Little bacon-cheeseburgers tucked inside quesadillas [whatever those are]
  • The Applebee’s Quesadilla burger (a mini-bacon cheeseburger inside a quesadilla), consisting of two flour tortillas, two kinds of meat, two kinds of cheese, pico de gallo, lettuce and ranch dressing sauce… served with fries, mind you.
  • Chili’s Big Mouth Bites: four mini-bacon cheeseburgers served with fries, onion strings and jalapeño ranch dipping sauce

I have no idea why I don’t recall eating any of the above disgusting delicious meals while growing up in a real Latin American household. But I am proud to follow a rigorous diet based on authentic American-made Mexican food and other U.S.-made delicacies.