Holy Week in Mexico: Time for Jesus Accidents Nationwide

Photo credit: Pulso DF

You may not know this but Semana Santa (Holy Week) is a very important religious holiday in Mexico, and among the many events that take place during the course of the week, the so-called passion play is one of the most popular — and well-attended. It consists of a representation of the via crucis, and involves everyone, from workers, students and housewives who become actors for one day to play the roles of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, the Nazarenes, the apostles — and other characters (not all of them strictly Biblical) including a spy, a dog, and a wandering Jew.

In the play, when Christ gets captured, we see him carrying a cross a long way and until he reaches a location that represents Mount Calvary. In the most famous of these representations (the one that takes place in Iztapalapa) we see Christ carrying his cross from the town’s main square to the nearby Cerro de la Estrella in the heart of Mexico City.

Unfortunately, not all Mexican towns and cities have a mountain or even a hill around, so they resort to crucify Jesus on pretty much any location, including an electricity pole. This, as you can imagine, can have bring about some funky accidents.

JUST WATCH. ¡Pobre Jesús!

Top 10 Reasons Why We Know Jesus Was Mexican


1. His name was, well, Jesús

2. He was unjustly beaten up and condemned to death while the real criminal was set free

3. When his family went to visit his tomb, he was not there

4. He was surrounded by poor people [who just kept on multiplying]

5. He miraculously turned up alcohol at a party that only had water

6. At a last dinner with pals he did not pay the bill

7. He did not pay any taxes

8. He explained everything with parables

9. He was baptized by a religious relative

10. He got gifts by the Three Wise Men, not Santa Claus