Bud Light to Air First Spanish-language Super Bowl Ad

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… But before non-Hispanic people go crazy and start sending us all back to Mexico and such, please note that the 30-second spot (below) will NOT air on CBS, but on ESPN Deportes, which will broadcast the game in Spanish for the first time ever.

The spot features actor Michael Peña encouraging a party of Bud Light-drinking sports fans to have fun and and do away with stereotypes (i.e. Mexicans in mariachi gear playing the guitar,) which is kind of OK, but hey, I loooove men in mariachi gear playing the guitar!

Anyhow, this blogger is trying to stay away from this thing (Super Bowl *and* Budweiser) as much as possible, so here ya go!

Lenovo Wants you to Use your Lenovo Laptop to Prepare ‘Taco-Inflated’ Footballs

'No laptops were hurt in the making of this commercial'
‘No laptops were hurt in the making of this commercial’

Chinese computer manufacturer Lenovo is only the latest company to jump on the “make-believe taco” bandwagon. And what better way to do this than through a tutorial on how to make “taco-inflated footballs?” (whatever those might be.)

Watch Lenovo’s tutorial in the tweet below to learn how to use a Lenovo tablet to grate cheese and ultimately bake a trio of football-looking pastry things that — for some reason — the Chinese company thinks are tacos.

¡Ay, Dios mío!

Even Aliens Know Mexican Avocados are out of this World


Avocados From Mexico is back on the Super Bowl advertising game with #AvosInSpace, its latest TV commercial that is scheduled to make its official debut on Sunday, during the Big Game in San Francisco.

While the spot is not as adorable as that of last year (remember the polar bear clad in mariachi gear voting for Mexico?) it does a good job highlighting the ridiculousness of what the human race has become.

In the spot we see a bunch of aliens in a spaceship learning about human culture and our most unique Earthly possessions, which include emojis, torture devices (aka airplanes) chia pets and — oh dear — the infamous dress — or as the aliens refer to it, “the white and gold dress that caused a civil war.”

During a brief tour, the guide tells aliens about the most amazing thing of all: The avocados from Mexico, which are always in season, so you can enjoy them all year long.

Via: Avocados From Mexico