Poor Polar Bear Loses to Avocado in First Draft Ever


Turns out Ecuador isn’t the only Latin American country using the Super Bowl as platform to pitch its wonders. Mexico is doing a similar effort with its first Super Bowl ad ever, an adorable spot pitching –what else?– avocados. Because, let’s be honest, which American in his/her right mind would spend a Super Bowl Sunday without guacamole?

However, it looks like America’s love for avocados is not limited to big NFL events. In January 2014 alone, Americans reportedly ate 70 million pounds of avocados.

And that is a whole lot of guacamole!

via: Avocados from Mexico

One thought on “Poor Polar Bear Loses to Avocado in First Draft Ever

  1. I wanted not to like this ad. First off, there’s a whiff of racism/culturalism to nearly all of the stereotypes…seriously, China and Gingko Biloba? Wow, those Asians sure are brainy! Secondly, I rather doubt there are American shoppers who check the country of origin on their avocadoes — they either choose Haas, which these days are almost always from Mexico, or the mushy softball-sized ones from Israel or Florida. Thirdly, it’s the Mexican tomatoes that kick American tomatoes’ asses. Fourth, down here in Mexico they use avocado as a garnish for soup, as chunks in sauces, in ceviche, with tacos, and straight up, just sliced and served alongside almost anything — if you want to promote avocadoes, why not suggest something BESIDES guacamole???

    But, in the end, the polar bear won me over, and I have to say I could not help but find it cute.

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