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Avocados From Mexico Releases Super Bowl Commercial. It’s as Bad as Anything ‘Avo’ in America

Yeah, it’s that time of the year, when not content with punishing me with frigid temperatures –and plenty of avocado-hipster nonsense– corporate America starts releasing their Super Bowl teaser commercials. Enter the Avocados From Mexico’s Super Bowl spot, starring actress-I-had-never-heard-of … Continue reading

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It’s Super Bowl Weekend; Time for Ludicrous ‘Latin’ Pitches!

What follows is an ACTUAL press release sent out today to Latino journos and bloggers, probably because we love to write about disgusting things that “sound” Latin (I know I do.) I’m not even going to try to analyze this. … Continue reading

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This is the Only Dip you Need for your Super Bowl Party

Guacamole, which according to “avocado experts” at Wholly Guacamole was “invented by the Aztecs for its nutritional benefits for the wealthy,” can now be used to prepare a deliciously patriotic Mexican flag tricolor dip, a culinary work of art you … Continue reading

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Mexican Avocados? Come and Get Them, Hipsters!

Avocados from Mexico has revealed its newest TV spot, scheduled to premiere Sunday, Feb. 5 during this year’s Super Bowl. While I find said spot to be just OK, I did love the teaser that aired just before. It features comedian Jon Lovitz reminding us that everyone loves … Continue reading

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Bud Light to Air First Spanish-language Super Bowl Ad

… But before non-Hispanic people go crazy and start sending us all back to Mexico and such, please note that the 30-second spot (below) will NOT air on CBS, but on ESPN Deportes, which will broadcast the game in Spanish for the first … Continue reading

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Poor Polar Bear Loses to Avocado in First Draft Ever

Turns out Ecuador isn’t the only Latin American country using the Super Bowl as platform to pitch its wonders. Mexico is doing a similar effort with its first Super Bowl ad ever, an adorable spot pitching –what else?– avocados. Because, let’s be honest, which American in … Continue reading

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So this is Why Mexicans are not Really Suited for Outer Space

Click on the video below to watch an awesome commercial by a not-so-awesome food product:

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