What to do with $1 billion

Upon Univision’s $13-billion-sale (which was completed today), disgruntled partner/content provider Grupo Televisa on Thursday announced it sold its minority interest in the U.S. Spanish-language network for about $1.1 billion.


And though I’m sure Televisa’s Chairman Emilio Azcárraga Jean (above) has already some pretty good ideas about what to do with all that cash, I could not help but coming up with a few ideas of my own.

Hey, $1 billion is a lot of dough so I guess he can:

–Produce some good, responsible, politically-correct children programming… and sell it to Telemundo.

–Produce more of the same children programming, sell it to Univision and wait for the FCC to snap a fine.

–Create and broadcast a reality show called La Venta Más Fea. Dress up your most senior executives in baggy clothes, big glasses, retainers and Guadalajara ponchos, and have them ridicule and humiliate themselves in front of a group of bankers. (NOTE: the ugly executives win at the end, taking over the company).

–Lend Haim Saban some cash (he’s going to need it!)

–Fund a charity to Support Decent Advertising and have Lexicon and Sleepy’s be its first recipients.

–Hire a team of computer nerds and send them over to the U.S. to teach Latinos how to manipulate their PC’s proxys so they can watch Televisa’s programming online (for free)

I am sure the avid readers of this blog will come up some ideas of their own so that this list will keep growing.

$1 billion is a lot of money and there’s gotta be millions of possibilities.

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One thought on “What to do with $1 billion

  1. Ja, ja, ja, yo les diria que pongan unos milloncitos extra en mandar patrullas blindadas con el Logo de Televisa para intimidar a los trabajadores de Telemundo en Mexico. O pueden pagarle a TV Azteca para que les ensenen a como hacerlo

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