What’s eating David Massry

What is it with Ritmo Latino and Latin pop divas?

One year after the Latin music retailer accused Shakira of dissing Hispanic fans in favor of the Anglo world, it is snapping J-Lo with the same accusation. This week, while the Bronx diva visited the neighborhood to promote her new Spanish-language album, Cómo Ama una Mujer Ritmo Latino announced it was banning it from its 50 stores nationwide. The reason? “We have supported her from the beginning. Now we’re told by her record company she will only visit Anglo retail outlets,” said Ritmo Latino CEO David Massry.

I am sure Mr. Massry has reasons to believe there is an Anglo conspiracy to take Shakira and JLo from their authentic “Hispanic” fans (whatever that means). But instead of boycotting Latino singers, and getting all pissed off at everybody, he should be fighting back by taking some gringo talent and promote it in his stores nationwide: We all know Britney and Michael Jackson can use a little marketing push … even if it’s in a chain of Latin music stores. You never know

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One thought on “What’s eating David Massry

  1. Bravo!!! Massry has been pulling this stunt since he opened his stores in the 90’s; he tries to bully the labels into giving him the in-stores he thinks he deserves. In the late 80’s when he had his one-stop business in the L.A. are before selling it, he was dying to get “Anglo” chain accounts; I know I helped him get into one of S. Cal largest music retailers. Once he opened his stores, I became his competitor and know how he plays to get what he wants; I know I lost a couple of in-store appearance to him. Of course, I didn’t pull the artists product from the shelves but featured is prominently in all stores and worked with the labels on giveaways that were exclusive to my chain only. There is pleanty for everyone but massry wants it all for himself feeling he is the “King” of Latin Music Retailers. People wonder why latinos are united in crisis the way the black community is, people like Massry are part of the reason, they are just for “Me” y que se jodan los demas!

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