Black and white in the movies


As The Walt Disney Co. kicks off production of The Frog Princess, the first animated film featuring a black princess, Mexican actor Diego Luna (Y tu mamá también, Nicotina) is ready for his next big role playing… Michael Jackson… yep, that Michael Jackson.

The movie is Mister Lonely by California-born Harmony Korine, and though not many details have been disclosed yet, it looks like an interesting project. Also starring is German acting monster Werner Herzog and Brooklyn celebrity magician David Blaine.

I wonder how Luna will be transformed from a black youth into a whiter shade of pale. Cinematic magic? or Blaine’s latest trick?

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5 thoughts on “Black and white in the movies

  1. Diego Luna (who wasn’t in The Motorcycle Diaries, by the by. That was his friend, Gael Garcia Bernal, also in ‘Y Tu Mamá También’) as Michael Jackson sounds odd enough, but that the film involves Harmony Korine makes sense. Somehow.

  2. I know a lot of amateur doctors out there don’t want to believe that Michael Jackson has a skin problem but I actually know two people who have had the same problem to different degrees and it’s not funny.

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