Portland’s ‘Cinco de Mayhem’

It is no secret that Mexicans are passionate about wrestling, boxing and any other sport that involves punching one another in one way or another. But don’t you dare offend our patriotic symbols because you will be up to trouble.

Take a current brawl in Portland, where the name of an upcoming martial-arts event has raised the ire of Oregon’s Mexican community. “Cinco de Mayhem” turned out to be too much to bear for a group of Hispanic leaders in Salem, who are calling for a name change, an apology and –while they’re at it– a crash course in diversity.

Mind you, I am not a wrestling fan and I don’t even know who the organizers of Cinco de Mayhem are, but to call for them to apologize because they’re offending one of Mexico’s “most sacred holiday” is pushing the “Latino pride” envelope a bit too far.

I wonder how many of the non-Mexican Hispanic community leaders in Oregon can tell you know what May 5 commemorates. Regardless, I would be curious to see what happens on May 5 when “Cinco de Mayhem” is set to be held: would the Mexicans set their TV sets to watch the History Channel?

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