Aztec muffins anyone?


If you thought Hispanic marketers were running out of ideas, think again: This morning, while picking up my daily coffee at the local Starbucks, I came across the “Aztec Ancho Chile Muffin.” I swear, I’m not kidding here.

The suspiciously-normal looking treat was one of several “Hispanic-themed” products launched today as part of a special Latin American Spring celebration by the Seattle-based coffee chain. Also at hand were sweet-plantain pound cakes, dulce de leche-flavored lattes and pineapple empanadas. And my very own favorite: Café con Banana Dulce de Bajo Contenido Graso. (If you can say this without hesitation, and with the right accent, you qualify to receive a free pound of Brazil’s Ipanema Bourbon coffee, whatever that is).

OK, dulce de leche and empanadas I understand, but Ancho Chile (not Chile Ancho) muffins? It makes me wish for some kind of punishment … Aztec-style.

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