Hispanic TV Upfronts: Chismes Part II

Univision’s upfront presentation this year was a sea of change from last year’s, when tensions with programming partner Grupo Televisa were more than evident.

Unlike last year, this time Televisa offered up its talent for the star-studded celebration –including marketing pop phenomenon Rebelde (What is it with these kids anyway? they cannot even sing!).

Also, we spotted Haim Saban entering and leaving the presentation with Alfonso de Angoitia, Azcarraga’s right hand side man.

However, during a press conference, Univision’s new chief Joe Uva had no comment at a reporter’s question about a pending litigation with Televisa and the upcoming federal jury trial on October 31, which revolves around Univision’s alleged programming license violation. Another contentious topic, online rights, wes also out of bounds: Mr. Uva had no comment.

“Univision executives will not discuss matters related to pending litigations, so if your questions are related to that, please abstain,” was the quick intervention from Univision’s always efficient CMO.

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