A night with beautiful people


Lots of beautiful -and some not-so-beautiful- people gathered last night at the Splashlight Studios in Manhattan for the annual star extravaganza also known as the “People en Español” party.

This blogger had a few too many to remember (or maybe she choses not to remember), the bad and the ugly so let’s highlight some of the good.

-The party could also have been called “The City’s Most Beautiful Bartenders.”

-Jackie, como siempre, looked ravishing! This time in a sexy red dress, and with visibly less pounds than a couple of weeks ago.

-Oswald Mendez introduced this blogger to the “hottest ass in Hispanic advertising” (and It’s not who you think)

-This blogger made it home in one piece (barely) and woke up to some good -and serious- news: According to the latest data from the U.S. Census,the nation’s minority population reached 100.7 million, with Hispanics still the largest group, with 44.3 million.

OK, maybe not all the 44.3 million are beautiful … but algo es algo!

Oh, and by the way; a preliminary agreement was reached among senators from both parties, leaving the doors opened to an immigration reform. Want more? Wolfowitz has finally resigned his post at the World Bank. Such good things happened while we were all too busy partying! (Still waiting on Gonzales, though)

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