Saban bids adiós to Acapulco

Haim Saban, who this year led a consortium to buy Univision Communications for over $12 billion, is also on a personal quest to put Hillary Clinton in the White House. And while raising money for Clinton’s campaign seems to be on his priority list, he’s shedding some superfluous -if more glamorous- investments. Today, Mr. Saban announced he has put his $12 million estate in Acapulco up for sale.

According to an amusing press release put out today by the real estate company in charge of the sale, Villa Edén is a three-acre gated compound has 12 bedrooms plus five servants’ rooms, 17 bathrooms, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, two pools, five massage rooms and a wine cellar. (Five servant rooms? How many servants can you accommodate in there?)

Villa Edén was previously owned by Time Warner Inc., which used it for years to entertain clients and movie stars. According to the news release, it has housed Mel Gibson, Barbra Streisand and Kevin Costner, among others.

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