A party with a purpose … for a change!

After a three-day smorgasbord of upfront presentations and alcohol-fueled after parties, Thursday night brought a relief from those frivolous, nearly meaningless, social events: it was the formal launch of Diageo’s Estamos Unidos con un Propósito campaign, now in its second year.

At hand was Univision’s leading lady Cristina Saralegui, who has been appointed the celebrity behind the effort, this year aimed at helping Latinos buy their own home. During a brief but sweet speech in a mix of English and Spanish, Mrs. Saralegui said Diageo has donated $500,000 to the campaign since its inception two years ago.

The good cause at the heart of the event didn’t mean attendees were not treated for a special evening: After all, Diageo is the sponsor of the campaign, which meant there was whiskey and tequila aplenty.

Even Cristina got her own special gift: a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label, with at $199.99 the company calls its “rarest blend.” (Why is it that the people with the big pockets always get the most expensive gifts?)

The rest of the mortals didn’t do bad ourselves, especially Mexicans with a palate for good tequila: Diageo also handles the Don Julio and Cuervo Traditional brands. Alas, not many chismes or juicy gossip to report this time. People seemed too tired and hung-over to misbehave, including this blogger.

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