Schwarzenegger was right …


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comment this week about immigrants and Spanish television pissed off a lot of proud Latinos and unleashed a series of online (and off line) bashing against the Governator. And because the incident was widely covered, I decided not to blog about it … until now.

On Friday afternoon I turned down an opportunity to go live on national TV to “defend” Spanish-language television during a small debate organized as a result of the brouhaha. My friend, a Washington, D.C.-based entrepreneur and media personality called and asked if I would be interested in taking up the challenge.

Though I ended up not doing it, the possibility got me thinking: how on earth could I go on national television to defend the indefendible? Could I actually make myself available to say publicly that my fellow Latinos (documented or not) should watch Univision and Telemundo?

While I might not agree with the reasons given by Mr. Schwarzenegger for Latinos to turn off Spanish-language TV, I would very strongly encourage them to do so … simply for mental health reasons.

One thought on “Schwarzenegger was right …

  1. Gov. Schwarzenegger’s comments were actually embraced by many Latinos. Oral and written communication in English is and continues to be our downfall. Just look at our school dropout rates. But, if we use telenovelas to learn proper Spanish, we’re going to be in deeper trouble.

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