Oooops! Gringos build wall in the wrong country


It is not very often that American officials apologize to Mexican authorities. But it happened this week when the U.S. Customs and Border Protection said the U.S. government didn’t “intentionally” erect a 5-foot-tall barrier … in Mexico.

As it turns out, part of a wall built in 2000 along the U.S.-Mexico border (and intended to stop vehicles from moving between the two countries) was built in the wrong country. The barrier encroaches into Mexico territory between 1 and 6 feet south of the border along a 1.5-mile stretch.

Upon realizing the mistake –7 years later– the U.S. has said it will soon be removed and rebuilt on American soil.

“We respect our international boundary, and we want to be good neighbors,” Michael Friel, spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, told Associated Press.

Thank you, Mr. Friel. You might now want to consider hiring some Mexicans for the job…

3 thoughts on “Oooops! Gringos build wall in the wrong country

  1. The wall needs to be built, for the Mexicans jumping it, it doesn’t really matter if it is some meters closer or farther, they will jump it anyway.

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