Who wants to be the ‘mero mero drywalero’?


I had no idea what a dry wall “expert” (or drywalero) was. But thanks to a Chicago-based company I now know that is someone who works with drywalls and is eligible for a $5,000 cash award courtesy of Sheetrock, a USG corporation that specializes in, well, dry walls.

And following the example of other “innovative” marketers, this firm is going the extra mile in reaching the Hispanic consumer. Just check out this week’s announcement by Sheetrock with a call for entries looking for the “mero mero drywalero.”

The competition is about identifying -and crowning- “el mero mero drywalero,” loosely translated as the “Best of the Best Drywaller” in Chicago. The first prize is $5,000 in cash. The company has even set up a dedicated Web site with Brazilian-like music included (don’t ask why) luring Mexican-looking guys to apply.

Contest rules call for applicants to be at least 21 years of age, though there is no word of immigration status, which makes me think ‘my people’ are more than qualified for the prize.

Other skills required (verbatim):

  1. Contestants will snap and score a Sheetrock Brand gypsum wallboard panel along pre-marked lines.
  2. Contestants will then hang the panel on a stud wall structure furnished by USG using 5 drywall screws and a screw gun supplied by USG. Screws must be at least 2 inches apart from each other. (note: Mexican workers will have to be familiar with the inch dilemma).
  3. Using a new Sheetrock Brand knife, Contestants will dispense Plus 3TM Joint Treatment Compound into a pan and mix three times. Water will be already placed in the pan.
  4. Contestants will apply the Plus 3TM Joint Treatment Compound to the panel to cover the 5 screws.
  5. Contestants will then place the knife in the pan and put the pan back on the floor.
  6. The winner of each round will be the contestant with the fastest time; however, deductions of 5 seconds will be taken for each of the following:
    • dropping more than a teaspoon of compound on the floor
    • overdriving more than one screw
    • failing to cover a screw with joint compound
  7. Failure to wear any PPE item will disqualify a contestant

Piece of cake!

I’m sure my fellow Mexicans will do better here than in their previous challenge (playing the U.S. national soccer team) which didn’t turn out that peachy.

Si se puede!!

2 thoughts on “Who wants to be the ‘mero mero drywalero’?

  1. I thought this to be one of the few marketing examples donein the language of the specific target….in this case is neither proper English nor Spanish…but if that is how the target segment speaks…the point is to be relevant, right? So when I saw the website page titled “competition”as “Competicion” (instead of “competencia”) I refrained from judging the “bad translation” after all it goes with the main point of this whole thing….to adertise in the “lingo”the target segment speaks.”But then, why not write the rules in “driwalero speech” too?

  2. Laura, I just saw this on your blog. They started this contest last yearin LA and I posted an article about it on my website. I couldn’t tell if your article was a little cynical or just toungue in cheek. Personally, I think it is a great marketing idea that acknowledges who is actually doing the work. Moreover, it builds loyalty with the drywaleros who will soon be running their own companies.

    Unfortunately, Hispanics don’t have a big unfair advantage…you have to be a legal resident.



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