Air France taps a ‘commie’ to pitch first-class service


Lucky travelers between Mexico City and Paris on Air France flights can now chose from a succulent menu that includes chicken breast in white pipián sauce, chicken supreme stuffed with almonds and sesame seeds in an olive and capers sauce a la Mexicana, or lightly-spiced Chipotle meatballs… All this, while they sit back and enjoy Julie Taimor’s several-hours-long movie Frida on their in-flight entertainment systems.

The treat is part of Air France’s “las fiestas de Frida,” a marketing initiative that kicked off earlier this month and will run through September 30.

Oh… I forgot a petit detail: the special Frida treatment –launched to celebrate the centenary of an artist whose ideals were mostly on the left of the political spectrum– is reserved for First Class passengers only.

¡Wonderful enchiladas!

2 thoughts on “Air France taps a ‘commie’ to pitch first-class service

  1. jajajajajajajajajaja…. guanderful enchiladas, Diego!!!

    I particularly enjoyed the petit detail….

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