Showing my patriotic spirit and passion for grilling


If you thought you had seen it all in Hispanic marketing, wait ’till you hear about the latest from Weber-Stephen Products Co., which this week launched a Hispanic grilling contest, calling on participants to demonstrate their “patriotic spirit and passion for grilling” by entering the “Únete a la Onda Latina. ¡a Weber!” grilling contest.

According to a company a media advisory, Hispanic grillers will have until Aug. 18 to participate and win two round-trip airline tickets to a selected destination in Latin-American [SIC], among other goodies, including a professional grilling class.

And just so you know, the same company that is sending the lucky winners to Latin-American is asking participants to send original recipes and a short video demonstrating their grilling skills with “clarity of expression.”

I would love to share my grilling experience with Weber but, alas, I live in a 9th floor apartment in Manhattan (no balcony). But, I hope they will accept this picture of a “free grill” that a friend of a friend of a friend forwarded some time ago for no apparent reason and which I saved also for not apparent reason.

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