Latinos send wish list to Obama via El Piolín


As Univision Radio host Eddie “El Piolín” Sotelo was getting ready to interview Barack Obama this morning (9:00 am ET), opened up a forum inviting visitors to send in their questions and concerns to the Illinois Democrat.

Under the headline What would you ask the Candidate? Univision Online received hundreds of letters, some even in Portuguese, from all over the country and from people of all walks of life.

Here are some highlights for non-Spanish speakers:

“God may illuminate you, Piolín, so that you can come up with the best questions for Obama.”

“It is too sad to see the great eagle of freedom flying all over the skies of the U.S. while many paisanos have lost their wings to fly to their own dreams.”

“What strenght can a politician have if his arms lack pure love?”

…and my favorite one (so far)

“Qué pena vivir en un pais tan “poderoso” y a la vez tan devil [sic] como el cristal que se quiebra con el suspiro de un corazon traicionero.” (What a shame to live in such a “powerful” country, which is also as weak as the crystal which breaks with the sigh of a treacherous heart.”

2 thoughts on “Latinos send wish list to Obama via El Piolín

  1. Polin,
    I am a hispanic woman who has volunteered to work for the Democratic National Party in San Carlos, CA. The problem I have seen is the lack of Lation/hispanics organizied to support OBAMA! How do we organize and mobilize?. Hispanics must understand that OBAMA will help with immigration issues with diplomacy. He will not build the wall that is currently in construction under the BUSH administration. OBAMA IS OUR HOPE, HISPANICS MUST BELIVE IN HIM.

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