Nuñez and Villaraigosa: together at the puente


As the investigation into how Telemundo covered L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s marital problems came to a conclusion (with TV anchor Mirthala Salinas temporarily suspended without paid) the Latino fiesta goes on in the streets of Los Angeles in anticipation of the 8th annual Festival de la Gente, to be held Oct. 27-28 at the historic 6th Street Bridge.

According to the invitation –sent to me by a friend in LaLaLand– the event is organized by Arte Calidad Cultural Institute, and sponsored in partnership with California Assembly speaker Fabián Nuñez and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who –as everyone knows by now– seem to have the same taste in women.

The October public encounter between Nuñez and Villaraigosa will be interesting, but much more so if it gets to be covered by Telemundo 52 (we estimate Ms. Salinas will be back in business by then).

One thought on “Nuñez and Villaraigosa: together at the puente

  1. maybe she should be there (la Mirthala). Despues de todo, she is the real “puente” between those two!
    Great blog by the way

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