Forget abuelita… Latinos teach you how not to cook


Marketing has mysterious ways of turning traditions into sales pitches. But Kraft’s latest Latino-targeted effort is a bit of a stretch.

The food and beverage giant has tapped former Timbiriche and telenovela actress Bibi Gaitán for its latest marketing gimmick ‘De mamá a mamá’ (From mother to mother), a program designed for busy Hispanic mothers who “go through a constant negotiation between their new lifestyle in the U.S. and their family traditions.” And here’s where the thing gets tricky: While stressing the importance of recipes taught “by abuelita,” Kraft focuses its pitch on quicky meals: Oscar Mayer hot-dogs and Ritz crackers… mmm!

But wait! For the more complex cook, there is Macaroni & Cheese dinners, accompanied by delicious Jell-O snacks, something Kraft calls “smarter food choices,” without blinking.

And just in case you are wondering what’s Hispanic about all this, Bibi shares her secret for a perfect family gathering: setting up an indoors pic-nic while enjoying Oreo cookies with, what else?, café con leche. Ay, ay, ay!

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One Response to Forget abuelita… Latinos teach you how not to cook

  1. Adrian Perez says:

    Kraft got it all wrong. Hot dogs are a breakfast treat for us Latinos. You take a couple of hot dogs, dice them up, mix them up with four eggs. Once fully cooked, serve them with fresh made corn tortillas and a couple of jalapenos…oh man, delicioso! Eat them with atole, and now you have an American Latino breakfast…especially on Sunday mornings. I’ve got other ideas for Kraft.


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