Leno, Vergara Loooove Dulce de Leche…. Gordon Ramsay Thinks it Tastes Like S**t

In case you missed it, Colombian (nor Columbian) bombshell Sofía Vergara went to Jay Leno this week, apparently to talk about Modern Family, but ultimately to pitch Alpina’s Dulce de Leche, which by the way Chef Gordon Ramsay thought tasted like “shit.”

In a public statement, Carlos Ramírez, a spokesman for the U.S. subsidiary of Alpina said: “We were pleased that Sofia Vergara chose Alpina’s Dulce de Leche and we are very happy that Jay Leno liked it.”

Perhaps, what Mr. Ramírez really, really wanted to say was: “We couldn’t care less that Chef Ramsay didn’t like it. What do British people know about food, anyway?”

32 thoughts on “Leno, Vergara Loooove Dulce de Leche…. Gordon Ramsay Thinks it Tastes Like S**t

  1. What can I say? Sofia is Latina, but pendeja. Gordon is so annoying and condescending I can’t but love him, and watch all his shows.
    Plus, dulce de leche does suck. When it grows up, it wants to be Cajeta.

  2. ha, ha, that’s exactly what I just posted on my FB profile. I will start exagerating my Mexican accent and flaunt some Cajeta Coronado around… If not the Tonight Show, maybe this will help me get on The View or -at the very least- Judge Judy….Something. Algo!

  3. Well I was offended by his comments, and I am not even Colombian. Ramsay was disrespectful to her, to say the least. At least she had the wits to call him ignorant and say “Go to Colombia, they’ll teach you.”

  4. Mmm Dulce de leche mmm que manjar! Aunque he de decir que la cajeta Real de Potosí es la mejor! You definitely should mention cajeta once in awhile. Just naming it attracted me all the way from Madrid.
    Sofia is right what do English people know about cuisine? These are the people that eat blood sausage and liver pies.

  5. The only way I’d eat that nasty looking Dulce de Leche stuff is if it were smeared over Sofia….!

    Gordon Ramsay is so arrogant and rude it’s funny. And that’s why I watch all his shows!

    British food is among the finest cuisines in the world by the by. Just has a really, really big image problem!

  6. I think it was histericall, but yes British people only have fish and chips to eat.

    I remember a British friend trashed my dulces de “chilito” and tamarindo

    well, stick to the fish and chips mate!

  7. Oh Carlos, you’re poorly informed on both counts! First of all, I guarantee you, you’ve never watched a British football team so much as kick a ball in competition unless you’re very, very old. 🙂

    As for British cuisine – it has a bad rap. Stereotypes are often based on an element of truth, but do tend to require either humour or ignorance to maintain them.

    Anthony Bourdain can explain all – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZvjUbohG6Q

  8. PS. Slightly slutty, very plastic Colombiana trying to push a revolting dessert has televised slanging match with arrogant, head up ass English dude who slaps her bum.

    No one was taking this all tooooo seriously, right….?!


  9. Sadly I have. Any fan of the game knows there is more to it than kick and chase or an infinite series of crosses into the box in hopes that it might hit an attacker’s head or bounce off a body part and go in. There’s a reason why Brasil has won the World Cup 5 times and that both Argentina and Brasil are the leading suppliers of top players internationally at the club level.

    1. Really, you haven’t. There is no British team in existence and there hasn’t been for decades, and they have never played a FIFA match.

      Brazil are having a bit of a lull at the moment anyway – they’re not providing any top offesnive players to Europeans leagues. Kaka is not a top player on current form. Robinho just didn’t cut it. Spain are by far the biggest exporter of talent at the moment anyway.

  10. Good for her to call him out!(although I think she exaggerates her accents to much)
    Really dude?, John Oliver said that British food stopped evolving after the invention of the pie.

    1. John Oliver is a comedian, right? I might go elsewhere for non joke information! Besides, if evolution is key, then what of Italian and French food, which have far older traditions?

  11. Yeah ok ..so srta Vergara was upo there doing a gig on Leno hawking a product..at least she’s hawking Dulce de leche which is useful and I imagine somewhat nutritious??
    But for that fucking rude ass Brit to come on so strong and insult and humiliate our srta was definitely racist arrogance.What the fuck do Brits have to be happy about anyway..our lovely srta is hawking food..that’s cool.. what does that cruddy imperialist has-been.. washed up third rate power Britain have to sell to the world anyway?..more weapons of destruction..more guns,planes and bombs to kill,mame and destroy small children and little babies of the third world..they must really feel proud of their fine products..
    Fuck those British assholes and their products of death and destruction..
    I’ll take Dulce de leche as well as srta Vergara anyday over cluster bombs..

    1. I’m not sure Gordon said anything racist. Arrogant? Yes. Patronising? Yes. Funny? Yes, depending on your sense of humour. That’s why people love him or hate him. No one watches his shows because of the recipes. They watch because they want to see just how rude he’s going to be this week.

      Racist? No. Not in that video anyway. Your comment was far closer to being racist. We all stick up for our countries if someone says something mean, but most of the time you just have to take stuff with a pinch of salt, a sense of humour. There’s no ‘better or best’, really. Just differences and preferences.

      But seeing as you asked, aside from the arms industry, Britain sells an awful lot to the world. If you have a cell phone, it’s probably got a British designed and manufactured processor in it. Britain is also a leading global exporter of music, cinema, software and games. Any Argentine will tell you just how good British beef is. So good, that the three main cattle breeds in the country are all British breeds. There’s Aston Martin, and other now foreign owned (but British designed and built) marques such as Bentley, Jaguar, Range Rover and Rolls Royce.

      You’ll also find the Rolls Royce name on an awful lot of jet engines. Britain is also a leading player in pharmaceuticals. Chances are a British product has saved the life of someone near and dear to you.

      The list is effectively endless.

  12. Wow GD, it’s embarrassing how little you know about futbol. Spain? I’m still laughing. Stick to things you can easily google and steer clear of subjects that require actual study. Also, did anyone else notice how Gordon Ramsey was squealing and hyperventilating like a nervous school boy around Sofia Vergara?

    1. Perhaps, Carlos, having claimed twice now to have seen the British team playing football, you can tell me what match it was you saw? Any match will do. The most recent one if you like. Who was it against and what was the score. I must have missed it.

      As for Argentina and Brazil supplying more top talent that anyone else…..the English Premier League is the top importer of foreign talent in Europe. Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, Norway and Sweden have all supplied more players to the EPL. You’ll find a similar story in Italy. Spain has stronger links to the Latin American region, thus the picture might look different there. But not much so.

      Whilst most of the current Spanish team play for the big twp (Barca and Real) a fair number of their squad, youth team and others have plied their trade abroad. Liverpool alone have had more Spanish players in their ranks within the last three years than Brazil’s most recent starting XI has in Europe in total.

      Perhaps you should stop laughing and start studying!

  13. I’m still laughing becuase even with all that imported talent, they insist on calling it the English Primier League rather than the League of Nations. The vast majority of players who play in Argentina and Brasil are home grown (major and minor leagues included). I’m laughing harder still because it must be written in their contracts that all imported players must conform to the predictable,non-creative, and losing style of British play.

    1. Well I just don’t know Carlos, but I imagine they call it the English Premier League because all the teams are in England and all the games are played in England. Perhaps I’m missing something.

      The vast majority of players in the Argentine and Brazilian domestic leagues are home grown, because very few European players want to play there. Nor could the Latin American football clubs afford the top players.

      All of the top Latin American players want to play in Europe. Go figure where that leaves your argument….

      English clubs play predictable, non creative and losing style of play? Well the first two are subjective. Each to their own. Losing? England lie in third place regards the ECL, having won it 11 times to Spain and Italy’s 12 wins. Not much in it. However, English teams have not participated in as many tournaments as Italy and Spain. English teams joined in late, and also had to sit out for 5 years after Heysal. Having won 7 of the previous 8 European Cups….

      Only Italian teams have won more UEFA Cups/Europa Leagues than England. Of the last 12 ECL finalists, England have had six of them. Italy 3, Spain 2 and Germany 1. English teams won two of those finals, Italy two and Spain two.

      English teams are losers? Carlos, you’re just spouting anti-British/English nonsense for the sake of it. If you want a debate, or a light hearted discussion, that’s cool. If you’re just going to be silly, then be silly by yourself.

      I’m still waiting to hear which game it was when you saw Britain play. Have you looked it up yet?

  14. Laura, thank you for putting up with us. GD, good luck at the next World Cup in Brasil. Be certain to try some flavorful food and Dulce de Leche if you make the trip and try to keep your hands off of Sofia Vergara.

    1. And good luck to your country in 2014 too Carlos, although I don’t know which country that is exactly! I live in Mexico, so I have sampled the dubious delight of Dulce de Leche before!

    1. An interesting article, but it doesn’t seem to contradict anything I’ve said. We were talking about Europe and top players. This is a global survey of all levels. I’d be interested in finding the original stats on Euroamericas, but I can’t find their webpage.

  15. GD, I was referring to this comment you made a while back that still cracks me up:

    “Spain are by far the biggest exporter of talent at the moment anyway.”

  16. Britain, England are interchangeable. As are the United States and America (North -excluding Canada, not central or south). Most people (unless you’re very old) know what you are referring to conceptually speaking. Don’t be so pedantic GD.

    1. Britain and England are not interchangeable. Britain is sometimes used to refer to the UK, which is technically incorrect, but a commonly used colloquialism. But England and Britain are two very specific and different entities.

      I’m not very old. Most people in the UK will wonder why you didn’t use the correct term.


      The results of Argentina selling off all their players, kids included, those with talent and those who are very mediocre, to clubs around the world. Want to watch some of the better Argentines play? Hey, go to Bahrain or Japan!!!

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