Bored Out of His Mind, Staten Island Entrepreneur Discovers Frida Kahlo

Claiming to have “captured” the essence and spirit of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, Naturals Skin Care this week launched a line of Frida-themed skin care products, “aptly” labeled Pasión por la Vida (Passion for life.. ha!)
The whole thing is the creation of Antonio Sciortino, a Venezuela-born entrepreneur who, apparently, got so bored in Staten Island that he decided to launch the Omega-3-based line of creams and lotions.

As Frida herself would say (in the world according to Julie Taymor): Wonderful Enchiladas, Diego!

5 thoughts on “Bored Out of His Mind, Staten Island Entrepreneur Discovers Frida Kahlo

  1. Um, Does anyone really want to look or smell like Frida? She was a brilliant artist, agreed but does it make any sense to name a skincare and beauty product after her?? The products say they are 100% natural but that would be impossible on a retail level unless refreigeration is used. I think the family of Frida seriously misrepresents her by selling her name to this cause. Shame on you Family of Frida!!!!They should of sold the name to a School for Artists who are ambitious… Wow, talk about absurdity. Capturing the “essence of Frida”, my ass! RIDICULOUS!!

  2. frida era una excelente artista y que hayan pensado en crear una linea de productos naturales con su nombre es genial,les digo algo no sean brutos he investiguen la vida de frida y su obra y se daran cuenta animales que frida era una mujer que adoraba todo lo natural.

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