Mexican-Speaking Mexicans Not Wanted Here


Apparently, some Mexicans around Seattle’s Lewis County are really pissed at the above sign, property of a fellow called Mike Hamilton, who has used this very billboard to make all kinds of statements in the past. The sign, which is located along Interstate 5 at Exit 72, has taken issue against Clinton, Gore, sex, gays, taxes, etc. (You get the picture).

Quite frankly, I’m not so much offended by the sign as by the distortion of a joke that originated in Mexico and that we, Mexicans, find quite funny… What really cracked me up though was a video posted by the Hamilton Chronicle in which a local citizen, Mrs. Margaret Shields, 86, makes her point about immigration very, very clear:

“If they want to come here, they have to learn English… if we were to go to Mexico, we will have to learn Mexican….”

Oh dear…

9 thoughts on “Mexican-Speaking Mexicans Not Wanted Here

  1. I loathe this billboard. I’ve passed it many times going through WA and the message is consistently a mash-up of ignorance, unsolicited bible verses, and a belief in the supremacy of the United States.
    Just a fact check, Seattle is not in Lewis County – Lewis County is fairly rural (and apart from this billboard, pretty and green). We all know urban racism isn’t this forthright. This is an ugly, public representation of sentiments that sadly exist in many forms and in many places.

  2. He forgot to mention the High Jump for all the walls we had jump and the 100 meter dash for running from la migra!!jajajaja

    I can definitely see how people would get offended by this but I for one only laugh at ignorance. Mrs. Margaret Shields, I totally agree with you! Anyone traveling to Mexico should know ‘Mexican’ just as i can write and speak ‘American!’ jajajaja Ke bruta!

  3. Well, it’s true that if you want to leave in Mexico, you have to learn Spanish. In Mexico there’s no bilingual education, no “press 2 for English,” no English voting guides, no English government services. And if illegal Americans who don’t like mexican politics go out and protest, they get departed.

    But alas, once again America is judged by standards no other country in the world keeps, including free speech which isn’t so free in most of the world.

  4. You know, I attended the NACCS Midwest Foco this year and some ruca from MSU gave a paper about how she, her family, and her community use the phrase “speak Mexican.” No joke. Apparantly the Raza in Michigan see a difference between the spanish they speak– and the spanish spoken in Mexico and this is the phrase they use to draw linguistic lines in the sand.

    I told this girl that I respected her right to identify her language any way she liked– but that I was from Califas– and being told that I “speak mexican” is begging for some putasos.

  5. Personally, this sign cracks me up. I rarely agree with the content, but it’s a little levity and irony thrown into an otherwise boring drive to Portland. I look at it and cherish my own free speech a little more. The story goes that the original Hamilton put up the sign to protest the gov’t taking his farmland, building I-5 right through the middle of his land. He then had to drive 5 miles to get to the other side of his farm, since the government never built him the promised access road. As far as I’m concerned, he has a right to say whatever he wants, and I’d be mad too. If people don’t like it, they don’t have to read it. They should, however, be concerned that the laws of our country apply to all of its legal citizens.

  6. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  7. Have you noticed that unlike mexico the United States of America have laws protecting freedom of speech? Read the constituion,sorry it only comes in english.

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