Texas Man Seeks Faithful Latina. Reward: $5 Million

How much would you offer a Colombian young, beautiful woman in exchange for fidelity?

Well, a 76-year-old Texan man is putting down $5 million on the table for “a young woman, with three or more small children, if she is faithful until my death.”

The unusual ad was placed in the Sunday edition of El País, a daily in Cali, Colombia, a city known -among other things- for its beautiful women (though we’re not sure about their faithfulness, yet). Oh, and you have to be 1.60 meters, at least.

Here is, verbatim, the old man’s wishful ad:

“Hombre americano de 76 años busca una joven mujer de 1,60 de estatura o más alta, con tres o más niños pequeños, que quiera casarse y estar bien ella y sus hijos. Si me es sincera le puedo asegurar 5 millones de dólares después de mi muerte.”

The ad then includes a phone number in Houston, Texas, where you can even call collect!

Damn! I’m no Colombian beauty, nor I have two or three young children, but for $5 million I’d get a face-lift and find myself a couple of kids somewhere. Only problem will be the fidelity thing, but I’ll think of something.

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